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Western NY CCCED Referral Sites

Rochester Core Site - University of Rochester Medical Center
Core Site
School of Nursing
Jennifer Dry De Santo MS Ed
WNYCCCED Case Manager Michelle Morales
WNYCCCED Parent Peer Mentor
University of Rochester
601 Elmwood Avenue
Rochester, NY 14642
Phone: (585) 276-6102
Core Site
Golisano Children's Hospital The Child and Adolescent Eating Disorders Program

Level of Care:
Outpatient, Inpatient
Intake Coordinator CAEDP Golisano's Children's Hospital
Box 690
601 Elmwood Ave
Rochester, NY 14642
Phone: 585-275-2964
Fax: 585-242-9733
Affiliate Site
The Healing Connection, Inc.

The intensive outpatient program operates 3 hours per day 3 days per week. We offer a supportive, structured environment that addresses eating disorder symptoms, normalizes eating, stabilizes weight, and improves self-esteem, coping , and relapse prevention skills. This level of care may be appropriate for patients seeking a step-down from partial hospitalization, intensive hospital, or residential treatment, or for patients seeking a step-up from outpatient group or individual therapy.

Level of Care:
Partial Hospitalization
Intensive Outpatient Program
Tammie Hills
Office Manager/Intake Coordinator
Fairport Office Centre
1387 Fairport Road, Suite 1000D
Fairport, NY (585) 641-0281
Northern New York
Affiliate Site
Transitional Living Services of Northern New York

Level of Care
Outpatient - Care Management
Alicia Ruperd
WNYCCCED Care Manager
Intake Coordinator
Lewis County SPOA/SPOE Coordinator
Eating Disorders Case Manager
Transitional Living Services of Northern New York
482 Black River Parkway
Watertown, New York 13601
Phone: (315) 782-1777 ext. 1035
Fax: (315) 785-8628
Southern Tier
Affiliate Site

Family Services of Chemung County

Level of Care:
Outpatient - Care Management
April Arbegast, BS

Supervisor, Care Manager/Program
Family Services of Chemung County
P: 607-733-2820 ext. 107
F: 607-733-0402
Family Services of Chemung County  

Other Western NY Resources for Eating Disorders Treatment


Wilson Family Practice Residency At United Health Services Hospitals

Level of Care:

Wilson Family Practice Residency Program
Coordinator, Behavioral Science
40 Arch St.
Johnson City NY 13790
(w) 607-763-5090
Fax: 607-763-5415

Buffalo Centre, LLC Adolescent and Adult Eating Disorder

Level of Care:
Partial Hospitalization
  Buffalo Centre 95 John Muir Drive
Suite 104 Amherst, NY 14228
Phone: 716-276-6939
Fax: 716-276-6943

Behavioral Health Care Network of Doctors

Level of Care
Outpatient Behavioral Health Care Network PO Box 543, Williamsville, NY 14231
Phone: 716-633-9100
Fax: 866-352-3385

Women's and Children's Hospital, Division of Adolescent Medicine

Level of Care:
Inpatient, Outpatient
Courtney Klein Intake Appointments* Women's and Children's Hospital
140 Hodge Ave Suite 2B
Outpatient Specialty Building
Buffalo, NY 14222
Phone:716-878-7015 Or 716-878-1081
Fax: 716-878-1152
Phone: 716-878-7807
Syracuse Centre Syracuse, LLC Adolescent and Adult Eating Disorder Level of Care:
Partial Hospitalization
Sandy Wright
Centre Syracuse 3300 James Street
Syracuse, NY 13206
Phone: 315.671.2202
Fax: 315.671.2203
Syracuse Psychological HealthCare P.L.L.C.

Level of Care:
Intake Coordinator Team
Nicole Moss,

John H. Wohlers, Ph.D., Eating Disorder Specialist
Psychological HealthCare P.L.L.C. Syracuse/Eastwood Office 3300 James Street Syracuse, NY 13206 Phone: 315-656-0181 Fax: 315-656-6871 Link
Syracuse Ophelia's Place

Level of Care:
Support, Education, Outreach
Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient through Upstate NY Eating Disorder Service

Ophelia’s Place
407 Tulip Street
Liverpool, NY 13078
Phone: 315-451-5544

Upstate New York Eating Disorder Service/Nutrition Clinic and Sol Stone Center

Level of Care
Partial Hospitalization
Intensive Outpatient
Intake Coordinator:
Charlie Jenkins,

Director: Carolyn Hodges Chaffee, MSRDN, CEDRD,
Upstate NY Eating Disorder Service
1003 Walnut Street
Elmira, NY 14901
Phone: 607-732-5646
Fax: 607-732-0373

Coaching Services

Taking Steps Forward

This free 8 week life coaching group is for adults, who are proactively confronting their eating disorder and those who feel overwhelmed in recovery from an eating disorder, and are experiencing difficulty in handling life’s challenges and transitions.
In this group, you will:

Group Specifics:

Location: Creative Wellness Center 320 N. Goodman Avenue, Rochester (next to Village Gate- use same parking area)

Time: Thursdays at 4:30-6:00PM. From September 8- to-October 27, 2016

Contact: Sherrill Stahl at (585)315-7861

Levels of Care

When you call a WNYCCCED core facility or one of the other Western NY resources, an initial contact person will greet you. In most cases this will also be the person called the intake/clinical coordinator. This person is the one who will help you through the process of getting the right treatment. She/he will ask you several questions over the phone to help:

  1. Establish a tentative diagnosis and determine proper treatment site.
  2. Obtain information regarding the primary care physician (pcp) and any outpatient mental health care providers, previous treatment, insurance, etc.
  3. Assure efficient triage.
  4. Provide specific feedback, education and instructions to the caller.
  5. Schedule an initial visit.

Callers making general inquiries regarding information about eating disorders are also directed to resources such as the National Eating Disorders Association website, other web sites and resources in the community such as the Eating Disorders Network Family and Friends Support Group. There are different types of resources available depending upon the level of care one needs. These are some of the alternatives:


Inpatient treatment is used when an individual requires medical intervention resulting in a hospital stay, which is determined by one's physician.


Outpatient treatment is used when individuals do not require inpatient treatment but do require mental health and/or psychological interventions, such as:

Partial-Hospitalization Program

Partial Hospitalization Program provides a full range of specialized treatments including individual, group and family therapies, as well as nutritional counseling, meal time assistance, psychopharmacological evaluation and medication management. These centers usually operate from Monday through Friday about 7 hours a day. You may live at home while attending treatment sessions. Some of these programs offer housing options for individuals living at a distance from the facility

Residential Treatment

Residential treatment programs offer a full range of specialized treatments 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Programming includes individual, group, and family therapies, as well as nutritional counseling, meal time assistance, psychopharmacological evaluation and medication management.