We are here to give you the support you need on your road to recovery.

We offer these services at no cost to you or your family:

Care Management

To ensure continuity of care, the care manager maintains communication between you and your treatment team, provides referrals, offers linkage to community resources, and conducts home and school visits (as needed). The care manager coordinates roles between behavioral health and medical care providers and provides eating disorder education.

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Life Coaching

Life coaching helps you clarify your life values and identify and achieve your life goals. Life coaching is especially helpful for individuals in recovery who are experiencing transitions, e.g., beginning or returning to college, starting a new job, returning to work, and/or beginning a new relationship. We offer group-based and individual life coaching.

Life Coaching is taking one step at a time, revealing and discovering your passions and purpose. When in recovery, we have a big space open that was filled with the eating disorder. Now there is room to really discover authentic parts of yourself, identifying likes and dislikes,and helping you to see a vision for your future. Life coaching leads you through personal and identity development and helps you create a blueprint that will lead you to a life you truly want to live. With Vision and a roadmap in front of you, you gain a deeper sense of purpose, and with purpose, there is a greater passion for life.


"This space is important to me. Without having to try hard, I feel like a better person. I am being validated and given permission to feel good about myself" ~ Summer

"I'm believing that the resources for healing and transformation are going to grow.....and many are going to find freedom and new life. I am so grateful to be apart of this [coaching] process!" ~ Olivia

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For Young Adult Life Coaching (ages < 29) contact:
For Adult Life Coaching (ages > 30) contact:

Peer Mentoring

Our WNYCCCED adult peer mentor is a resource and sounding board offering support and information to help you navigate recovery. S/he will share personal experiences and support you in identifying your challenges, strengths, and needs in order to move ahead

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Support Groups

To learn more about life coaching, or other support groups we offer, visit the Events & Support Groups page.

Levels of Care

Not sure what treatment is right for you? We will help you through the process of getting the right treatment.

Levels of care include:

Inpatient: Used when an individual requires medical intervention resulting in a hospital stay, which is determined by one's physician.

Residential Treatment: These programs offer a full range of specialized treatments 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Programming includes individual, group, and family therapies, as well as nutritional counseling, meal time assistance, psychopharmacological evaluation and medication management.

Partial-Hospitalization Program: Provides a full range of specialized treatments including individual, group and family therapies, as well as nutritional counseling, meal time assistance, psychopharmacological evaluation and medication management. These programs usually operate from Monday through Friday 7-12 hours a day. You may live at home while attending treatment sessions. Some of these programs offer housing options for individuals living at a distance from the facility.

Outpatient: Used when individuals do not require 24/7 care or partial hospitalization care but do require mental health and/or psychological interventions, such as:

    • Individual Counseling
    • Family Counseling
    • Group Counseling