The WNY Comprehensive Care Center can connect you with the right information, the right resources, and the right people to help you or your loved one move ahead in recovery. All of our services are available free of charge.

What We Offer

For Recovery

For individuals in recovery, we offer education, peer mentoring, life coaching, and care management if you are experiencing an eating disorder or disordered eating, all at no cost to you. We can also connect you with the right treatment options and support groups through our network of referral sites.

For Family & Cargivers

For family and caregivers who play a key role in helping loved ones manage their ongoing recovery, we offer education, parent peer mentoring, care management, and family and sibling support groups at no cost to you and your family.

For Professionals

For professionals we offer an innovative model to improve your access to eating disorder specialty care through the use of videoconferencing technology, called Project ECHO Eating Disorders. We also offer a number of educational resources and presentations for providers, schools, and colleges to spread knowledge on how best to help individuals with eating disorders.

Wherever you are on the road to recovery, we are here to support you. If you or someone you know needs treatment but you are unsure of the right level of care, please connect with us and we can assess your needs.